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Best Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Reviews

Pulldown faucets can be tremendously beneficial for a wide variety of reasons. They’re user-friendly, incredibly versatile and provide you with a little added power. If you are unable to eradicate a stain or piece of food, the sprayer will take care of it, without a bit of difficulty. Of course, selecting the best pulldown kitchen faucet can be surprisingly difficult. Below, you’ll find assistance for finding the right one for your particular situation.


Benefits Of Pull-Down Kitchen Faucets

Many homeowners are steering away from the traditional kitchen faucet and turning to the pull-down style. The main reason for this is because the pull-down sprayer offers convenience, plus the overall design is much neater, since there is no need for a side sprayer. The sprayhead and dock, which is located in the spout, is embedded with a powerful magnet that will provide a secure fit, even after years of use.

Another great feature integrated into these models is the docking system, which offers even more convenience. Instead of manually placing the sprayer back into the dock after each use, you simple release it and let it return back to the dock automatically. The nylon hose is very flexible for easy maneuverability, plus it is designed to offer durability and longevity.


pH7 Contemporary Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Review

The kitchen is the most important area in a house. It has variety of innovative fits and one such is the pH7 Pull Down Kitchen Faucet. This kitchen faucet presents a combination of universal design that is elegant and provides exceptional functionality and ergonomics.ph7 kitchen faucet reviews

The pH7 Pull Down kitchen faucet rotates its pout at 360 degrees and the spray head maneuvers smoothly pulling down for tasks or also facilitates filling pots out of the sink. The spray head are as sculpted buttons assuring simple operation even with soapy or wet hands. This spray mode creates forceful water ensuring superior cleaning.

There is new docking system in pH7 that secures the pull-down spray head smoothly to the spout. These faucets are available in three types to blend easily into contemporary or classic kitchen interiors. The brushed nickel or polished chrome finishes present an ultra-modern style and offers a classic look to the kitchen, while the bronze faucets have a curvy retro form presenting a vintage, yet luxurious look.

Added Features

  • Single handle is enough to adjust the temperature of water easily.
  • The nylon hose is light and the ball joint helps in pull-down spray head with ease.
  • The spray face enables the user to have easy-to-clean surface such that it withstands mineral buildup.


Harmless to health as it is ABS plastic construction that is certified by FDA.
pH7 features excellent finishes to resist tarnishing and corrosion.


Installation ring and flexible supply lines makes installation simpler

Single or three- hole installation

Sold quick brass connector, but there is no need for any screw driver.
pH7 has accreditation for being of high quality by NSF and assures food safe equipment very much appropriate for the kitchen. The fixtures present great quality and design that it can be engineered to match all types of lifestyle.


  • There are more pull-down faucet models coming and feature spray options and it is easier to fill or even rinse
  • The ergonomics is applicable as you require only one downward fluid motion
  • There will be no kinks in the hose as there is no different directions maneuvering
  • Pull-down faucets are superb for kitchens having deep sinks 

Possible negatives

  • You must remember and calculate the space you have above your sink mainly because of the spout overall height.
  • Some models may have less water pressure.

Overall Assessment

pH7 pull-down faucet type allows you to decide the type, though the fact is that it is a taller spout type and you will have something to consider in case you have limited overhead space. Generally, the spray house is much shorter and so there is nothing to consider. But, this is designed as pull down and so it is convenient as well. It does not have a separate sprayer and so the water force is good. pH7 pull –down kitchen faucet is better or not is based on your functionality expected in your kitchen and its aesthetic preference.





KINGO HOME Pull Down Faucet Review 

Kitchen is the place that has the most foot traffic and even guests coming have a peep around the kitchen. So it is a must to have the best equipments, gadgets and accessories installed in the kitchen. Nowadays, there is a series of every accessory available that it leads to confusion. The kitchen faucet is very important for day to day activities and a KINGO HOME faucet of the pull down variety now presents a new meaning to the kitchen.

Best features 

  • KINGO Home pull down faucet has a metal body ensuring dependability and durability. The finishing resists tarnishing and corrosion with daily use.kingo home pulldown faucet
  • The KINGO Home pull down faucet has a design featuring single-lever providing water temperature control and effortless flow.
  • The pull down faucet has a spray such that it sprays and flows as a stream, while the flow is smooth.
  • The valves ensure longevity and durable performance.
  • Cold and hot hoses are flexible and the required hardware for mounting is provided with the faucet. 

Product Description

KINGO Home pull down faucet has a brushed Nickel color. The body material is in brass, the handle is in stainless steel assuring unlimited use and the valve is in ceramic.

The height is 52 cm, while the spout height is 14 and the reach of the spout is19 cm. it offers the advantage of being deck mounted and just one hole is required to fit this pull down faucet. It fits /8″ and 1/2″ system in association with the adapter.

The package contents includes I kitchen sink faucet, 60 cm cold and hot long water hoses, 1/2 “ adapters and 3/8” compression thread, mounting hardware.

Best Parts

KINGO Home pull down faucet has ceramic disc cartridge that survives easily the opening and closing test up to 500,000 times. This ceramic engineering is not only sophisticated, but also offers control precision and convenience. It is also tested for its pressure such that each faucet ensures long durability and high quality to withstand high water pressure.

The installation is also hassle free as the package of the pull down faucet already comes with water hoses, connector and measure the U.S. standard size. In fact, an adapter is also given. The button on the head is easy to operate between stream mode and spray mode. There is no need to hold the button down so that it sprays. You turn the next time; you will find it is in the same mode that you left.

Tips to Use

People can enjoy this KINGO Home pull down faucet on a good countertop. Even a granite countertop is perfect. You may install a steel rectangle plate or a large washer inside so that the weight is distributed.

Pros: Easy to use in stream and spray mode, looks sophisticated

Cons: Needs more space

Overall Assessment 

KINGO Home pull -down faucet is appropriate if your sink is wide. It can be easily installed and the ceramic ensures convenience of using and good control.




American Standard 4175.300.075 Colony Soft Kitchen Faucet

Remodeling your kitchen is not only going to require a lot of work, but it can be a very stressful process, because there are so many different decisions that you have to make. With this being said, if you are in the market for a new kitchen faucet, you need to check out this new product by American Standard. This is truly a sleek-looking kitchen faucet that offers homeowners lots of nice features that will make their cleaning tasks easier.american standard kitchen faucets

To start off, you will have to pay a little extra for the American Standard Colony Soft faucet, but at the end of this article, you will see that it is truly worth the extra cash.

Durable and Sleek Design

Have you ever noticed that the kitchen faucet is the focal point of the kitchen? Thanks to the stainless steel construction of the Colony Soft, your kitchen will have a long lasting professional look. Stainless steel is not only a very durable material, but it helps prevent scratching and tarnish buildup.

Located inside the faucet, you will find brass fittings. Brass is a very durable material and it prevents the fittings from corroding, due to prolonged hard water exposure. Basically, this means that this faucet is going to last you a very long time.

Drip-Free Performance

It seems like all faucets tend to leak over time, but this is something you never have to worry about with this faucet. The ceramic disc valve installed inside the handle makes this whole process possible. The disc valve is also constructed to be maintenance free, and provide you with a lifetime of no leaks, even under circumstances like hard water and low temperatures.


The pull-down sprayer is another amazing feature that cannot be overlooked. The sprayer has several different patterns to choose from to fit your needs. There is even a pause option, so that you can stop the water from spraying when you need to. With this American Standard faucet, you will have complete control over your kitchen sink and faucet.

Lifetime Warranty

Upon the purchase of this product, you will also receive a lifetime warranty for no additional charge. This is simply something that cannot be passed up. Most faucets on the market will not even offer a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, but with this product you receive a lifetime warranty.


  • Adjustable spraying options, with a pause feature
  • Swivel spout has an overall 14 5/8 height with an 8” clearance
  • One-handed operation using a heavy duty lever handle
  • Constructed out of heavy duty stainless steel
  • Maximum water flow rate of 2.2 gallons/minute
  • 3/8” Compression connectors on 20” flexible supply hoses
  • Available in a variety of finishes (matte black and polished chrome)
  • Ceramic disc valve


  • Larger overall design, which would be more suitable for commercial use than domestic

Overall Assessment

This is an American made faucet that will definitely provide you with durability and a long service life. While the ticket price is a little higher than the competitive brand, when you factor in the extensive warranty, it the price becomes friendlier.




Moen S7208ORB Pulldown Kitchen Faucet Review

Moen S7208ORB Woodmere Pulldown Kitchen Faucet presents a pulldown spout with high arc design. The Moen’s Woodmere kitchen faucets collection presents a distinct flowing design providing a clean appearance to your kitchen countertop eliminating the entire uncluttered look. This pulldown faucet features a pulldown spout having a pause button one-of-a-kind, enabling you to interrupt the water flow conveniently.

Lookmoen s7208orb faucet review

Moen S7208ORB Woodmere Pulldown Kitchen Faucet has a finish of oil rubbed bronze and this gives it a dark brown, rich, a finish of old world with dark accents and striking light. It is also available in classic stainless and chrome. The spout featuring high arc offers the required height to clean or also fill large pots. The exclusive patented button for pause enhances the look of the pulldown faucet.


  • Oil rubbed bronze finish giving a superb finish
  • Equipped with reflex system ensuring easy movement and smooth operation
  • The spray head docking is secure
  • Installation thru 1 hole is perfectly designed
  • Duralock quick connect system ensures the installation is easy
  • Limited lifetime warranty


Moen S7208ORB Woodmere Pulldown Kitchen Faucet is convenient as it offers the maneuverability for rinsing and easy cleaning. Filling a vessel or a pot keeping it out of the sink is now possible and the pause feature allows to stop the water flow in a button touch such that you can enjoy the flexibility of switching from stream to spray mode. The arc of handle is temperature controlled and this Woodmere Pulldown Kitchen Faucet features a design that allows mounting with a single hole. Moreover the flow of water per minute is 1.5 gallons, while ADA compliant is with lever handle.

Moen Reflex System

Moen S7208ORB Woodmere Pulldown Kitchen Faucet has the reflex system that is the most and best user friendly feature offering the pull down experience of the faucet to the best levels. It is driven by actual users input and now Moen has a good collection of enhancement to respond to the way users use or work or rather the way users expect the faucet to work. It comes with an ultra flexible hose, and is exceptionally good offering easy movement. The spray wand provides a good range of motion. Besides, once your work is done, you can release it anytime, it returns without assistance to the docked position. The pulldown feature is specifically engineered and they work with each other promoting overall usability and functionality.

What Sets Moen High?

Moen S7208ORB Woodmere Pulldown Kitchen Faucet is distinct owing to its variety of styles that is designed to complement the decors today to faucets such that it perfectly balances water pressure. Innovative design, reliable functioning, exceptional beauty in the kitchen sets Moen Woodmere Pulldown faucet apart and high. Additionally, all the products of Moen come with a warranty for lifetime against finish defects, drips and leaks. 

Pros: Helps in washing large pans better, very tall

Cons: The spray function is narrow

Overall Assessment

Moen S7208ORB Woodmere Pulldown Kitchen Faucet is a good choice to buy as it has design enhancements and comprehensive features to improve your faucet functions.





Delta Faucet 9192T-CZ-DTS Review

Delta Faucet 9192t-CZ-DTS Addison Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet is now coming with Touch2O Technology. This Adison pulldown faucet has graceful curves offering a delicate beauty adding romantic touch to your kitchen.

Convenience styling delta kitchen pull down faucets

The Addison kitchen faucet has a pulldown sprayer and is in Champagne Bronze. It features the Touch20 Technology and is surely a distinctive kitchen faucet. It is a beautiful addition to the kitchen styling that coordinates with convenient functionality and décor. The added convenience is that regardless of whether your fingers are messy or your hands are extra full, you can use the faucet. This is because you can tap anywhere on the handle or the spout to have the water running.

Saving water

Delta Faucet 9192t-CZ-DTS Addison Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet is also considered to save water owing to its tapping feature that allows you to turn the water off between tasks easily. This docking system keeps securely the spray wand in place and ensures picture perfect grace. You may ensure the position of the faucet such that it falls right on your hand, thus there is no water wastage.

Exclusive technology

Delta Faucet 9192t-CZ-DTS Addison Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet features DIAMOND seal exclusive technology. It allows using a tough diamond as the valve. It has the diamond coating such that it brings the faucet built lasting to five million uses. Apart from this, the water inside the faucet does not get into contact with any metal contaminants.

Salient Features

  • Features Delta’s exclusive Touch20technology offers the facility of touch it on or off. Thus your hands-free operation is assured.
  • The docking ensures the pulldown spray wand is firm in its place as it has an integrated powerful magnet that keeps it docked if not in use.
  • This faucet delivers multi-flow both to stream and spray that the water efficiency ensures high performance
  • The DIAMOND seal technology has a coating of touch diamond that is sure to last for 5 million uses.
  • ADA-compliant, this faucet design is ideal for easy and quick water control.
  • DIAMOND seal technology keeps the faucet free of any other potential metal contaminants
  • High arc pulldown spout offers the ease of use as the spout swivels up to 360°
  • It has a 10-1/2 in. optional cover plate
  • Warranty limited for 5-year covering finish and parts defects.

It doesn’t matter if you have two full hands or ten messy fingers, touch the spout or handle to turn on/off the flow of water. There is Temp Sense technology at the faucet base that changes color and this is the indicator based on the water temperature. The good flow of water is assured as there is a toggle between stream modes and water-efficient spray that ensures quick fills and higher flow of water. Above all the docking system of MagnaTite keeps the pulldown spray secure in place that there is no need to worry about its drooping with usage.

Pros: Touch technology, pulldown spray stays secure

Con: Price and limited warranty

Overall Assessment

Delta Faucet 9192t-CZ-DTS Addison Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with its best docking system and tap functionality ensures it is kitchen-worthy.




Moen 7594ESRS Faucet Review 

Kitchen and faucet go hand in hand. Now with new introductions of kitchen faucet such as Moen 7594ESRS Arbor Faucet, the kitchens have become clutter-free. This kitchen faucet is available in three colors spot resist stainless steel, chrome and oil rubbed bronze. This makes this faucet to suit the overall look of any kitchen décor.

Stylish Lookmoen arbor faucet review

Moen 7594ESRS Arbor Faucet has a stylish looking handle and a pull down spout. There is only one handle here and not two. With this single handle you can adjust flow and temperature from one place. This faucet model is designed ergonomically that it looks and feels good. The spout is at 15.9 inches height making it ideal to fill large pans and pots, besides the braided pull down hose is long in length to 68 inches making it the most difficult jobs such as rinsing and cleaning a breeze job. Overall, this faucet, regardless of the color adds a touch of class to your kitchen.

The Best Features

Moen 7594ESRS Arbor Faucet looks like it is filled with best features. It is sure to spin your head. It has the MotionSense technology to deal with. Moen faucet features are surprisingly high in technology that even your simple hand movements are enough to keep the faucet working. Thus, your job in the kitchen sink is done quicker and you also need not touch the faucet and so spreading germs is completely ruled out.

Spot resist is another feature of the kitchen faucet. The materials used by the manufacturer do not leave spots and fingerprints are a past thing. This means you need not clean it regularly.

Installation is also easy and this model does not let you down. Using its own Hydrolock system water lines can be snapped into place, without the need for additional tools.

Ways of using

There are three ways of using this faucet.

  • The foremost is the sensor on the top starting and stopping the flow merely by moving your hand over it.
  • The second is referred to as the “ready sensor”. The faucet knows the moment you place a cup or your hand beneath the spout. This activates the water flow and shuts-off automatically, as you move away from it.
  • As usual, you have the handle to manually adjust the water flow and temperature from your faucet.

Wand flexibility

Moen 7594ESRS Arbor Faucet has the pulldown system that is the most user-friendly. It has enhancements in association with the spray wand. The wand moves in all the directions and so you can enjoy filling pans or pots using the pause button. In fact you can move as you wish, the wand does not take unwanted directions. On finishing the use of wand, there is no necessity to help to get back to the docking station.

Pros: Works wonderfully, high perched faucet, faucet neck swivels right and left

Con: No long time warranty

Overall Assessment

This is the best kitchen faucet and for sure on using this motionsense faucet you will never wish to go for any other regular faucet.