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Privacy Policy

Hello and thank you for taking an interest in TPO Faucet. Rest assured knowing that we, here at TPO Faucet, take your privacy just as serious as you do. Nobody wants his or her privacy information and credentials to be traded from website to website or company to company. We feel the same, which is why we go above and beyond to protect the private information of our visitors. Below, you’ll learn about our privacy policy and how your information is used on this site.




On the TPOFaucet website, cookies are utilized. However, these cookies are only used for good reasons and never as a way to steal the client’s information. The reasons we use cookies will be listed below.


  • To keep track of the client’s preferences
  • Ensure the client receives the most relevant information
  • To track client’s behavior, so we can enhance the sites for their precise needs
  • For the use of advertising programs, which help to fund the site


Email Address


From time to time, clients may be presented with an optional opt in screen. If this occurs and you agree to provide TPOFaucet with your email address, you can rest assured knowing that this information will be stored in a secure database and that these details will never be sold or traded to others. Since this entirely optional, it is possible for visitors to browse the TPO Faucet website anonymously.


Log Files utilizes a few 3rd party applications, including Google Analytics. These programs may very well track and log the client’s information. Don’t worry, as the information logged is minor. For instance, the information stored could include the following:


  • IP address
  • Web browse details
  • ISP – Internet service provider
  • Access date
  • Client’s behavior on the site


Take note that this information is used for the betterment of this website and will never be used in a devious manner or sold.


Affiliate Disclosure


Now, it should be known that TPO Faucet is a member of the Amazon Series LLC Associates Program. This is an advertising program, which allows us to make money from our website. The money earned helps to keep the website up and running, while also guaranteeing that the site is updated consistently. We have no control over the cookies utilized by 3rd party advertisers, including Amazon. We recommend contacting these 3rd party entities directly, if you wish to learn more about their privacy policies.


3rd Party Links


Visitors need to realize that may link to 3rd party websites, at any point in time. Please note that we have no control over these websites, their behavior or their privacy policies. With this in mind, visitors are recommended to check out the individualistic privacy policies for these 3rd party websites, before moving ahead.